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Le Blood Bowl à la sauvage !!!

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[Publications] Spike! Journal 2 - Dark Elves

Spike! 2 Dark Elves Juillet 2018


La liste des 10 Champions :


As a general rule, Star Players are still active and still play the game, meaning they can be hired as Inducements with tremendous ease and no particular restrictions on their use beyond any an individual league or eventwishes to impose.

However, some Star Players are clearly historical characters who have retired from the game or, in many cases, shuffled off this mortal coil, and hiring them may prove problematic! It also opens the door to the possibility of a certain element of rose-tinted reminiscence, and there is a risk that their skills and abilities may be a bit over the top, exaggerated through the retelling of their fantastic prowess as players.

Golden Era Star Players sit apart from others – they are an optional addition to leagues and Tournaments, designed ideally for Exhibition Play using Hall of Fame teams published by Games Workshop or of your own creation. League Commissioners and event organisers should specify which, if any, Golden Era Star Players may be included in their league or event separately to any guidelines on the use of normal Star Players. Coaches preparing for an Exhibition Match should decide between themselves which, if any, Golden Era Star Players will be included, though it must be said that such legendary characters will present coaches with the opportunity to try out some incredible “what if…” scenarios.

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